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National Nurses United’s Official Guide to Having Conversations on
Medicare for All during the Holidays

Ham, mashed potatoes, and arguing politics with your family: the holidays are just around the corner!

But talking about politics doesn't have to get heated! The vast majority of people are unhappy with our hugely expensive, profit-driven health care system and are ready for a change.

In our Medicare for All campaign we use a tool when we knock on doors called the Response Cycle. We ask people about their experience with health care, we share ours, and then we use that shared, common experience of our broken health care system to let them know that Medicare for All is the solution.

Most people connect with politics on an emotional and personal basis. Sharing stories is typically more powerful than reciting facts and statistics.

Use This Tool to Practice Having Conversations About Medicare for All

You’ll encounter a combative friend or family member and be given options to respond.

As you go, follow along with our Response Cycle Worksheet to see how these conversations mirror it.

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